Established in 2006, EV-Dynamic Sdn. Bhd has grown to become a trusted turnkey solution provider with expertise in Intelligent Transportation System, Integrated Security System, Railway Solutions and Engineering Solutions in Malaysia and regionally.



Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) always been developing and growing for past several years, fuelled by the need for better use of the road infrastructure and travelers to make the best possible choice of routes for their journey. EV-Dynamic provide innovative Intelligent Transport System (ITS) solutions that specialist on delivering total system integration & solutions in Traffic Control and Surveillance System (TCSS), Toll Collection System (TCS), Urban Traffic Management Control (UTMC), Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS), Transport Management System (TMS) and any other ITS related requirement.

EV-Dynamic combines a broad range of consulting engineering knowledge, multidisciplinary expertise and managed by a group of people who are contributing their past experience in the ITS related field to offer an effective and cost-efficiency solutions to increase the smoothness and efficiency of the transport network.

Our Integrated Security System also help to improve the security and safety for the entire residential community with added value and more innovative solutions and services to help customer to achieved better return on investment and revenue. It solutions include of Gate Access System (GAS), Surveillance & Monitoring System (SMS), Dedicated Telephone System (DTS), Central Management System (CMS), Home Security and Automation System (HSAS) and others.

From TOTAL system design until construction to acceptance and operation, EV-Dynamic able to provide state-of-the-art turnkey solutions that address the unique requirement via integration services that include consulting, design engineering (software, hardware and systems), documentation, training, installation, maintenance and project management.