Established in 2006, EV-Dynamic Sdn. Bhd has grown to become a trusted turnkey solution provider with expertise in Intelligent Transportation System, Integrated Security System, Railway Solutions and Engineering Solutions in Malaysia and regionally.


Integrated security solutions

Gated Community Security System

Customers are demanding that their security system work harder for them, providing more intelligence, convenience, energy savings and control possibilities.

Monitoring of the township’s perimeter security can be done manually via guards patrolling the compound on foot, car or bicycles on a routine beat. However, in a large gated community, this monitoring method may not be effective especially at night and labour intensive.

The Gated Community’s Security Systems allow the duty guards to:

  • Control entry or exit to the compound
  • Remotely monitor the compound via CCTV and record events for audit or evidence
  • Respond quickly to resident’s alarms which may be activated by the home security system in case of break-in, panic, fire or other incidents
  • Communicate with the residents

System solutions for Gated Communities to ensure high security for the township while simplifying the operations for both the Security Guards and the Township management.

Intrusion Detection System

Intrusion detection is a significant security factor that would save your home, loved ones and employees from unauthorised access and consequential damages. Comprising a host of powerful tools to offer a complete security solution that includes monitoring, control and 24-hour access, these tools encompass:

  • Fence Mounted Perimeter Systems
  • Invisible Perimeter Systems
  • CCTV and Video Surveillance
  • Stereo Doppler Microwave Sensor

Access Control Security System

To answer today’s requirements for security and safety, EV-Dynamic’s integrated access control systems incorporate innovative technologies that will suit various applications, be it in residential or business environments.

  • Barrier Gate Access Automation System
    Enables effective vehicle traffic and parking access control for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

  • Door Access Control System
    Allows for the control of walk-through traffic into secured areas in a residential or commercial setting.

  • Automatic License Plate Recognition System
    A system to meet the requirements of security, crime detection, traffic management and automatic payment systems for car parks

Home Security and Automation System

Escalating crime rates, especially in the number of break-ins, is a cause for concern for every home and business owners. EV-Dynamic’s fully customisable security and automation system allows you to monitor the safety of your home or office from any room or even remotely via the Internet, and even perform tasks like setting the lighting, heat and drawing the curtains with just the press of a button.

  • Alarm Systems with options to integrate motion detection, door or window magnetic contact, smoke detectors and motion detectors
  • CCTV Monitoring Systems
  • PABX / intercom Solutions
  • Home Automation Systems
  • Home Entertainment and Audio Visual System Solutions
  • Lightning Surge Protection System

Others Services

Lightning Power Protection System

Lightning and surge voltages have been major causes in damaged equipment and monetary losses every year. EV-Dynamic specialises in providing clean power supply, reliable data signal processing, data communication as well as system integration and consultancy. The Company performs a host of comprehensive engineering services to effectively manage the excess energy and to ultimately reduce the losses resulting from lightning and surges. EV-Dynamic’s lightning power protection system and engineering services encompass:

  • providing comprehensive solutions against lightning surge impulses for equipment
  • providing reliable data signal processes and accurate data transmission
  • providing reliable electrical power supply and energy profile management
  • providing system consultancy of specific design applications and professional training