Established in 2006, EV-Dynamic Sdn. Bhd has grown to become a trusted turnkey solution provider with expertise in Intelligent Transportation System, Integrated Security System, Railway Solutions and Engineering Solutions in Malaysia and regionally.


Intelligent transport system solutions

Intelligent Transportation Systems vary in technologies applied, from basic management systems such as car navigation, traffic light control systems, container management systems, variable message signs or speed cameras to monitoring applications such as security CCTV systems, and then to more advanced applications which integrate live data and feedback from a number of other sources, such as real time weather, bridge de-icing systems, and the like. Additionally, predictive techniques are being developed, to allow advanced modeling and comparison with historical baseline data.

EV-Dynamic delivers technology that helps it clients manage their critical transportation facilities. The company offer a diverse set of professional services that specialize in the design, development, integration, construction and support of high-availability control, security / surveillance, and communication systems.

Transportation agencies rely upon our traffic management systems and services to manage their freeway, expressway, arterial networks and rural highways. Our systems allow clients to efficiently manage their areas of responsibility, clear incidents, and disseminate real-time traffic information to the public in order to reduce the impact of accidents, stalled vehicles, or congestion.

EV-Dynamic Key Intelligent Solutions:

  • Traffic Control and Surveillance System
  • Toll Collection System
  • Advanced Traffic Management System
  • Urban Traffic Management Control
  • Transport Management System

To support the 5 solutions that form the foundation of an Intelligent Transport System, EV-Dynamic utilises a diverse range of technologies which include:

CCTV Surveillance System

An indispensable tool in traffic and security systems, CCTV cameras provides surveillance, verification and also historical data that enable operators to monitor site conditions and quickly follow on with the necessary action to increase the efficiency of a transport system. Going beyond CCTV cameras, EV-Dynamic’s surveillance system offers an integrated solution that involves automatic video signal analysis and transmission, recording and alarm-actuated image display.


Variable Message Signs / LED Traffic Products

Often used on motorways and major highways, Variable Message Signs serve to inform travellers with adequate and real time information on traffic congestion, accidents, roadwork or even speed limits to maximise efficiency on the road.

EV-Dynamic’s solutions cover applications on highway, urban and traffic management equipment with a range of variable message signs that include single colour, tri (amber, red and green) colour and full colour displays – all customisable to meet various applications and needs.

EV-Dynamic also provides a variety of solar and non-solar energy LED Traffic Products that can be applied to highway, urban, pedestrian and traffic management.


Information Display / Signal Solutions

Real time monitoring and surveillance has become pertinent in line with the growing traffic congestion and traffic incidents as well as security related issues. EV-Dynamic’s information dissemination solutions enable traffic management operators to not just have key info at their fingertips 24 hours a day but also to manage the content through a range of display devices, including display wall, plasma display panel and LED display.


Emergency Telephone System

With safety being the primary concern be it on highways, parking facilities or even residential and recreational areas, EV-Dynamic’s Emergency Telephone System allows road users, residents and the general public to have a greater peace of mind.

This system, which runs on digital optical fibre transmission, RF wireless, VOIP network, PSTN or even cellular network, is developed to aid and benefit users in times of emergency. Digital voice enhancement and digital voice recording to enable playback for analysis are the key features of the Emergency Telephone System.


Vehicle Detection System

Improving safety and efficiency of traffic intersections has culminated in the proliferation of Vehicle Detection System use. EV-Dynamic offers a comprehensive Vehicle Detection System in the categories of:

  • Telecommunication System
    Inductive loop vehicle detector or sensor is suitable for motorways, expressways and other high-speed roads as it is able to interface with all popular traffic control equipment and motorway cabinets. Induction loop is also known for its exceptional performance in terms of traffic control, traffic counting and incident detection.

  • Incident Detection System
    This system utilises above ground CCTV cameras to not only deliver additional data to traffic supervisors and operators, but also to automate the detection of incidents. A system that is based on video image processing, it identifies and alerts operators to on-road abnormalities such as stationary vehicles, slow moving traffic and inappropriate/illegal vehicular movement.

  • Communications System
    Communication is key in an efficient Intelligent Transport System. EV-Dynamic’s complete range of high-tech communications products and services, and skilled personnel enable the Company to design and integrate various highly reliable and customisable, client-specific communications solutions. These solutions include:
    • High Speed Multiplexer / Network Solutions
    • Wireless and Radio Communication System
    • Fiber Optic Transmission System
    • IP Telephony and PABX System